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Ever since their domestication, dogs have helped humans hunt, something that they continue to do today. Gundogs, which are also known as bird dogs, are canines that have been bred to assist in the hunt through a variety of different ways. The term gundog refers to a wide variety of breeds that all help human hunters take down their prey; typically, gundogs fall into one of two different categories. The first type of gundogs are called pointers or setters. Irish Setters and English Setters are two dog breeds included in this category.
A good way for readers who share the ownership of their working gundog, to avoid ever having this problem is to train their dog together, I always advise a dog to only have one trainer as having two can get confusing.

When it comes to the sport of hunting – the gundog is definitely a hunter’s best friend. Gundogs have been used to assist man since the days when survival crucially depended on hunting skills, not only for food to eat, but for clothing and shelter provided by the hides of the hunted animals and to this day bird dogs still play an important role in hunting for sport.

While our gundog puppy is yet young he should be taught to love the sound of the gun. This can be easily accomplished if the proper course is pursued. In the first place we take a couple of old tin pans, and while his attention is attracted by something that interests him we strike them together, lightly at first, and if he appears to be afraid we are very careful not to add to his fright by a repetition of the noise anywhere near him, but take the pans to quite a distance from his pen and leave them, and wait a while before trying again.

A gundog is only allowed to crouch and scent the air and remain immobile until the the bird’s location is given to the hunter. They are not allowed to chase or catch the prey. After the Bird has been shot, the dog is expected to stop and then retrieve the dead or wounded bird. The dog has been trained to keep a soft mouth – this stops the bird from being damaged by sharp teeth. A gundog has had many hours of training and is expected to hunt with lots of energy but also show lots of self control.

There are quite a few different types of gundog that you can choose for each specific purpose. For rough shooting a large and highly versatile English Springer Spaniel is ideal. If you have lots of open space where they are able to range then a Pointer or Setter is a good choice. If you are after a dog that is very easy to train and has a really soft mouth, then you may find a Labrador or Golden Retriever a good choice. Gundogs are easier to train than other dogs and very eager to learn. They also make an excellent companion as they are so loyal despite their eagerness to hunt.

The Labrador is an attractive retriever dog typically utilized as a gun dog. Labrador retrievers possess a lot of unique characteristics and are born with exceptional instincts that have made them a top choice for a great hunting companion, police dogs and watch dogs, also worth mentioning. Care for these dogs and bird dog training does not really have to take that much effort as these types of dogs are very faithful and loyal to the people who own them.

All throughout the gundog training process, the dogs are exposed to different environments and various circumstances that would help them in coping and perseverance with the rigors of hunting.


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