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With so many bow companies and bow models out there many bowhunters especially those who are new to the sport can often feel very overwhelmed and unsure when it comes to choosing the best deer hunting bow. The truth of the matter is that the answer to “Which deer hunting bow is the best?” is not black and white. In fact almost every bow on the market right now are all great deer hunting bows because they put out enough power to kill a deer and the bottom line is that everybody is different and will have different opinions about which bow is better. You have to choose the bow that best fits you as an individual.

Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Easter Egg Hunt Clues

The key to hunting small to medium-sized rivers is to remember that most small to medium-sized rivers are not preferred habitat for puddle ducks. Although rivers of course offer ducks water, smaller to medium-sized rivers don’t typically offer a food source. On the other hand shallow water marshes do offer a food source, which is moist soil plants. So from a puddle ducks point of view it’s not that most small to medium-sized rivers are bad, it’s just that most marshes are better. This means that most puddle ducks, with the exception of wood ducks, are going to spend more time living in a marsh setting, versus rivers. However, there are several situations when we have enjoyed fabulous duck hunting on rivers while other hunters are complaining there’s no ducks around.

The hounds usually chase after the smaller animals like rabbits or fox, chasing the animals and barking until the hunter arrives. Hounds are around 2 feet (0.61 meters) high to the shoulder, and full of courage, making them a helpful dog even when hunting larger game like deer. There are various breeds of hounds used in hunting including Bloodhounds, Foxhounds and Coonhounds, the later a result of breeding the first two together, combining a great sense of smell with improved speed and stamina.
All pointing dogs should be hunting away from their owners and when a dog takes point he should be steady and await the arrival of his owner so he can get a chance to shoot the pointed bird. If these dogs are unsteady and chasing birds all over the field, they will not be an effective hunting dog and have some very unhappy owners. If you don’t know how to get a dog steady I recommend you find a dog training or hunting club where you can get some assistance in teaching your dog steadiness even if there is fee associated with it. It is well worth the money because you will have much more pleasurable hunts with a steady dog than one you have to continually chase all over the countryside.

As with all hunting, finding your prey relies on you going where they live. Big bucks use extreme caution when deciding where to live because picking the right place helps them to stay alive longer. When hunting your buck, look for areas with lots of water, like lowland wetlands, swamps, creek bottoms and even rivers and lakes. Deer are excellent swimmers, and old bucks know better than most the value of putting water between themselves and hunters. Like all deer, big bucks appreciate being surrounded by good cover and plentiful food. Thanks to their cautious nature, big bucks don’t hang around areas where lots of hunters gather, so find yourself a remote location away from other hunters.


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