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Controlling weeds in your deer food plots can be a very complicated issue and one which is almost impossible to deal with. There are literally hundreds of different varieties of weeds across this country and just like plants, there are annual and perennial varieties as well. This makes identifying the weed which is plaguing your food plot critical.

Beside the obvious health and nutritional value afforded to the whitetails who will eventually feast on these legumes, a well maintained food source will also attract increased numbers of mature whitetails. This becomes the crux of the motivation for deer hunters nationwide to ensure great food sources for the deer. Because as we all know, with increasing numbers, come increasing hunting opportunities.

Deer Food

Deer Food

The most obvious is wintertime. Deer are faced with limited food resources, extreme cold and snow. The other, less obvious time of the year is the summertime. This period sometimes goes unchecked by many deer hunters because food sources seem abundant. However, during summer months the whitetail has different nutritional needs. Summer is the time of year when deer grow, develop their antlers, lactate and fawns struggle to survive. Research has shown that warm season forage is just as important if not more important that cold season forage in a deer’s maturation.

If you have never created a food plot before, no problem. I recommend starting with a small plot 1/8 acre or less. That’s only 25 yards long by 25 yards wide. You’ll have less than $150 invested into it and you can do it with no power equipment at all. That really works to your advantage if you have a spot way back in the woods that is inaccessible with equipment. These types of food plots are unbelievable for ambushing deer as long as you don’t hunt them too often.

When the grass and weeds in your future deer food plot get to about 8 inches tall, you want to spray your whole plot with Roundup concentrated herbicide. Mix about 8oz per 1 gallon of water in your backpack sprayer. About 4 weeks later spray your plot again with the same mixture. By now all the vegetation should be dead and lying on the surface. Just leave it all lay there.

There are multitudes of must knows and tips for creating your own deer food plot. Way too many to do in one article, but I hope that this at least puts some important ideas into any ones head before they start such a task. The last thing that you want to do is spend money on something that turns out to be a total waste time. Remember, like most every thing else, being prepared is the key.


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